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Mission Viejo-Pacifica Live Blog Remix

Dallas Hartmann (2) and Tyler Hartford (3) make formidable opposition to Oxnard Pacifica's Edgardo Galvan. Photo/Martin Henderson

Dallas Hartmann (2) and Tyler Hartford (3) make formidable opposition to Oxnard Pacifica’s Edgardo Galvan. Photo/Martin Henderson

Mission Viejo opened the Southern Section basketball playoffs with a nice performance, overall. The Diablos weren’t exactly sharp, but they were clearly better than Oxnard Pacifica after more than a week off. And, as Coach Troy Roelen said afterward, the contest was about getting back into game mode after the layoff.

Mission will be on the road in the second round against Los Altos, which defeated 14th-seeded Walnut, 75-73, in the only game decided by fewer than 10 points in Division 1AA.

Here’s how the live blog went down on Friday night.

Elvis Is In the Building

Elvis is in the building. You don’t know how long I’ve waited to write those words. He’s not just a hologram either, though as an Elvis fan I’m keen to see the tech geniuses work their Tupac magic on the King.

I’m sitting two rows back at of the scorer’s table at Mission Viejo, where the third-seeded Diablos (20-6)  are playing host to Oxnard Pacifica (17-9). It’s the visiting Tritons who have Elvis Agustin in the lineup. No jumpsuits tonight, just jump shots in this Division 1AA first round game.

Both teams committing way too many turnovers in the early going. Pacifica takes 5-0 lead in the first 69 seconds, then Diablos go on a 31-2 run with Dallas Hartmann accounting for six of those points and Kaden Rasheed accounting for seven.

After one quarter, Elvis is on the bench and the Diablos are doing the Jailhouse Rock. Mission leads, 17-11.

No Comeback Special for Elvis’ Team

The 13-2 run in the first quarter was just an introduction to what was to come in Mission Viejo’s game against Oxnard Pacifica. How’s it going for the Diablos? Well, let’s put it this way. It’s halftime, and the spent nearly no time in the locker room. there’s five minutes left and the guys are shooting around on the floor.

Of course, during the second quarter they were doing plenty of shooting around, also. The Mission Viejo lead ballooned like Elvis’ weight in the ’70s. The Diablos lead is now 35-18, and there’s no indication that Pacifica has a comeback in them like, say, Elvis did in ’68. There will be no comeback special tonight for Elvis Agustin’s team. This is all Diablos.

Coach Thinks He’s Barbra Streisand

The third quarter opened with Chandler Hutchison’s three-point play and the Mission Viejo lead reached 22 points, but once the lead was whittled to 19 midway through the quarter, Coach Troy Roelen let out a big sigh. He is clearly still looking for perfection out of his team.

He occasionally shows bits of exasperation. Comfortable exasperation, but exasperation nevertheless. Who does he think he is, Barbra Streisand? Coach, it’s OK to not be perfect. Save it for a better opponent.

Yeah, I know. Practice makes perfect, and this first round game may eventually lead to that perfect effort in the quarters or semis. One thing is certain: Mission is definitely going to the second round. The Diablos lead shrinks to 12 points—maybe Barbra Streisand knows an exasperating moment when he sees it—before scoring nine consecutive points. It’s part of a larger 17-3 run that carries into the fourth quarter. Diablos lead, 60-33, with 6:28 left in the game.

Did you know Barbra Streisand wanted Elvis to be her co-star in A Star is Born? It’s true. Don’t doubt me about Elvis.

Oxnard Runs, Mission Viejo Hides

Elvis Agustin is in the game. Midway through the fourth quarter, Oxnard Pacifica is making a run. The Tritons reel off 13 consecutive points to pull to 60-46 until Dallas Hartmann scores inside with 68 seconds remaining. Chad Hutchison adds a dunk 24 seconds later.

Mission Viejo wins, 66-46, to advance to the second round of the playoffs against Los Osos or Walnut. Either way, the Diablos will be on the road.

Freshman Kaden Rasheed led the Diablos with 21 points, and Hutchison finished with 20. Hartmann had 13.

“The last time we played was last Thursday,” said Mission Viejo Coach Troy Roelen, who coached deep into the game trying to get his players competing at the pace they’ll need in succeeding rounds against tougher opponents. “We became complacent when the score got to be 20 points. … Eight days, when you go through the South Coast League, you want to keep playing. Now, we should get back to where we were.”

As for Pacifica? Well, let’s just say Elvis has left the building.

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